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Elise Ecklund

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	  		Intro: G 

C Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain D (Pain, pain pain) G I am in pain Em (It's a lot of pain) C I am in so much D So much pain G N.C. Eternal pain (Ha, ha, ha, ha)

Verse 1:

C D I stepped on a lego (wow, wow) G Em Then I proceeded to stub my toe (that's so fun) C My sister stole my last juice pouch D G Now I'm crying on the couch N.C. C D My voice keeps on cracking (Pain, pain, pain) G Em My self-confidence is lacking (It's so lacking)
C I am in so much pain D I am in pain G I'm in so much pain G Pain, pain, pain, pain

Verse 2:

C D I go to check all the comments on my video (Wow, wow) G Then Richard tells me that I'm ugly and a joke (Wow, wow) C D G I actually don't mind but I am in so much pain
Outro N.C. C Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain D I am in pain G Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain Em So much pain C I am in eternal pain D G Pain, pain, eternal pain N.C. I'm in pain

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