Eerie Summer

Its Okay

Eerie Summer

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Its Okay

	  		verse 1 
C                Fm 
 It's okay to be hurt (hurt) 
C                  Fm 
 It's okay to feel cold (cold) 
Chorus C Ab I've got my world, you've got your world C Ab And I'll never be your girl
verse 2 C Fm It's okay to be sad (sad) C Fm It's okay to feel bad (bad)
Chorus C Ab I've got my life, you've got your life C Ab And you'll never see me try C To win your heart
Interlude Fm C Ab verse 3 C Fm It's okay when you're grey (grey) C Fm Every part of you aches (aches) Outro C Ab I've got your deal, you've got your deal C Ab And that's kind of how I feel C It's kind of how I feel

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