Ed Burleson

No Tears

Ed Burleson


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No Tears

C G Well thereís no tears left in me for you G C You couldnít bring one single drop to my eyes even if you wanted to C F The many times you left, the many times I cried have left me dry, youíd think that I might pull through G C And thereís no tears left in me for you
C G The many times you left me have caused great pain G C Well, Iíve broken down and lost control, your evil ways drove me half insane C F Now the tears are gone and now Iíll be strong cause Iíve finally gotten over you G C And Iíll be on my way and I hope someday I find a love thatís guarant-true BecauseÖ.. Chorus Fiddle/Steel/Fiddle C F Well I think Iíll start drinking again, maybe call up some of my old friends G C Oh lord I donít know where to begin now that this pain might end C F Oh girl since you set me free, yeah Lordy, youíll soon see G C That youíll have to let me be cause Iíve broken these chains on me Chorus Yeah thereís no tears left in me for you

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