David Gilmour

The Girl In The Yellow Dress

David Gilmour

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The Girl In The Yellow Dress

Am  G#m7  Am7 
She mesmerizes with a smile 
Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon 
Am  G#m7  Am7                  F 
That girl in the canary yellow dress 
Says yes 

Am  G#m7  Am7 
She flips a pack of cigarettes 
He doesn't smoke, but he takes one nonetheless 
Am  G#m7  Am7                F                  E7 
It helps to keep his motives true, the girl was blue 
     F                                E7 
What else is the poor boy supposed to do 

Am  Adim    Am/D   Am/C#              
She bounces like a flame,  
Am         A 
clothes on her 
Dm   Dm/C#  Dm7    Dm6 
Eyes closed Yellow dress 
F#       F 
Runs and swirls 

Am   G#m7      Am7 
It's late, the hour's growing horns 
The band seems to draw her ever closer 
Am   G#m7      Am7               F                 E7 
This girl gets right down in the groove, grooves a move 
F                                    E7 
Leads him out to where they play the blues 

Am  Adim   Am/D   Am/C# 
She dances like a flame 
Has no cares, yellow-dressed flame 
Dm   Dm/C#   Dm7  Dm6 
Eyes closed, arms above 
    F#                F 
She shakes pearls and snakes 

Bbm  Am7         Bbm7 
Too late in this folie a troix 
He sees that the heart is pounding for 
Bbm Am7       Bbm7              F#                 F7 
Big daddy who falls down to his knees, begging her please 
F#                                    F7 
Lifts his sax, says "here's my little tease" 

Bbm Bdim    Bm/Eb    Bm/D 
Her dancing sets the place on fire 
Bbm        Bb 
Heaven and hell 
Ebm Ebm/D       Ebm7   Ebm6 
The flames come up his spine 
       G                  F# 
As she shakes, whirls and snakes 

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