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Dave Carter

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Intro Bm  F#m  D  A  Bm  F#m  D  F#m 

My love is like a red red rose, 
Bm              A             F#m 
Snake on her shoulder and ring in her nose 
G             D           A 
Sleeping it off in her swaddling clothes,  
Bm                        F#m 
innocent as she lies. 
G           D        F#m 
I dont know where she comes from, 
Bm                          A 
Hanging with dealers and slick back scum. 
E                                      Bm 
Dreaming of a Summer that never comes,  
G                                          Bm 
waiting for me to die 

A G F#m She is the daughter of the joshua tree, Bm G long time losers and og wanna be's A D A Mammas in the corn and the fields are fallow, Bm G Soul needs saving but im to dam shallow.
Break A Bm F#m D A Bm F#m D A F#m Sweet lorreta is pretty little nine, Bm F#m kicks like a mule but she bites just fine. G D A I aint cleaned her in a mighty long time, Bm F#m taking her out tonight. G F#m Drip her in a bucket of kerosene, Bm A Mr Rogers on my tv screen. E Bm Friendlist sucker i've ever seen, G E Bm We are precious in his sight A Bm F#m We are the children in the joshua tree, Bm G A Long time losers and og wanna be's Bm A Mammas in the corn and the fields are baron. Bm G Roof needs fixing but im way passed caring. A E Instro Break A Bm A D A Bm F#m D F#m Bm F#m D A Bm A D F#m Othelia drowned in the cold cold flood, Bm F#m A thorn by any other name draws blood. G D A Deep red drops on a scarlet bud Bm F#m Daddy we're coming home. G F#m We dont know where home lays now Bm A But we'll turn up some dam how E Bm Drawn to the barn and the busted plough G Bm And the graves are over grown A G We are the children of the joshua tree, Bm D long time losers and og wanna be's A Bm A Mammas in the corn and the fields been trampled, Bm G A You can't reason with a soul in shambles.

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