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Born to love you Keyboard

Danni Carlos

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Born to love you

  		A7M     C#m7      D7M           F#m7 D F#m7 
I was born to love you 
Bm7             Bm7/A            E9          
With every single beat of my heart 
A7M           C#m7      D7M              D7M/9 
Yes, I  was born to take care of you 
Bm7           E   
Every single day...... 
You are the one for me, I am the man for you 
You were made for me, you're my ecstacy 
If I was given every opportunity 
I'd kill for your love 
So take a chance with me 
Let me romance with you 
I´m caught in a dream 
And my dreams come true 
It`s so hard to believe this is 
Happening to me 
       B7                    E7 
An amazing feeling coming through 
Repetir refrão
I wanna love you 
I move every little thing about you 
D7M                D#º             
I wanna love you, love you, love you 
A7M         C#m7/G#
Born to love you 
F#m7      F#m7/E 
Born to love you 

(estes ultimos nao tenho a certeza)
E9      B7       E9
Yes I was born to love you 
Contribuição: Camila souza([email protected])

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