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Look At Me

  		Intro:  G   F   C  
I got a one hundred dollar bill 
It's all shiny, crisp, and clean 
           F                      C                G 
And it's burning a hole in the pocket of my jeans 
I think I'll spend it on some pills  
Instead of gasoline 
          F                C               G 
I don't see any kind of fun in coming clean 
Pick me up and watch me fall 
      C          G 
And do it all again 
I ain't got no sense at all 
         C               G              D 
I like pissing in the wind and on my dreams 
Look at me 
(same chords as verse) 
Hey bartender another round 
This one's on mine 
Let's see how many friends I can buy in just a little time 
See the girl at the bar 
Tell her I'm somebody and I got a fast car 
I'm in room 331 with a bottle of wine 
Tell I'm a superstar 
She won't give it a second chance 
Tell that I play guitar but I never learned how to dance 
And here's my key 
Yeah look at me 
          D      C          G 
Look at me I'm on my way down 
D                      C             G 
So close now I can almost see the ground 
       Am            D 
Yeah another night another town 
Am               D 
Set em up I'll knock em down 
Am               D 
Workin' on sympathy 
Look at me 
thanks to Cade Smith ([email protected]) for the song 


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