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Creedence Clearwater Revival

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  		Intro:   G  C  D  G  (3x)  C  Bm Am D7 
Well beat the drum and hold the phone 
    C               G 
The sun came out today 
      G                  Em               D      D7 
We're born again there's new grass on the field 
A-'roundin' third and headed for home 
       C                   G 
It's a brown-eyed handsome man 
    C             D              G 
Anyone can understand the way I feel. 
G C G Put me in Coach I'm ready to play today G C Bm Put me in Coach I'm ready to play today Am D7 G Look at me I can be Centerfield
G Well I spent some time in the Mudville Nine C G Watchin' it from the bench G Em D D7 You know I took some lumps when the Mighty Case struck out G So Say Hey Willie tell the Cobb C G C And Joe DiMaggio Don't say it ain't so D G You know the time is now. chorus ----- intro G C G Got a beat-up glove a homemade bat And a brand new pair of shoes G Em D D7 You know I think it's time To give this game a ride G C G Just to hit the ball and touch 'em all A moment in the sun C D G It's gone and you can tell that one goodbye. chorus

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