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You Wont Let Me Go

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You Wont Let Me Go

Intro: B       G#m   E   B       C#m   E   

verse 1 
Youíre my hope 
                G#m   E   
And my soulís anchor 
Through the change 
             C#m   E   
You are the same 
I will wait 
          G#m   E   
For your promise 
           B       C#m   E   
Until the end 

B In the fire F# Through the waters C#m E I will not lose hope B You have called us F# Sons and daughters C#m E ** You wonít let me go B G#m E B C#m E You wonít let me go
Bridge F# G#m D#m E You wonít let me go verse 2 B I will run G#m E With endurance B C#m E Fix my eyes on Jesus B That I may G#m E Not grow weary B C#m E Or lose heart Bridge F# G#m My trust is in You Lord D#m I know that You hear me, E I know that You care F# G#m My faith is in You God D#m Through trials and heartache E I wonít let the world shake (my trust)

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