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I Surrender All

Church Hymns

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I Surrender All

	  		D      G     A 
All to Jesus I surrender 
Bm     G   D A      D 
All to Him I freely give 
D      G    A 
I will ever love and trust Him 
Bm     G  D     A     D 
In His presence daily live 

D G I surrender all A D I surrender all D G D Bm A G All to Thee my blessed Savior D A D I surrender all
D G A All to Jesus I surrender Bm G D A D Humbly at His feet I bow D G A Worldly pleasures all forsaken Bm G D A D Take me, Jesus, take me now D G A All to Jesus, I surrender Bm G D A D Make me Savior wholly Thine D G A Let me feel the Holy Spirit Bm G D A D Truly know that Thou art mine D G A All to Jesus, I surrender Bm G D A D Lord, I give myself to Thee D G A Fill me with Thy love and power Bm G D A D Let Thy blessing fall on me

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