Winter Wonder Land


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Winter Wonder Land

	  		              {moderate 4/4} 
{tacit} Sleigh bells (C) ring are you listenin' 
In the (G7) lane snow is glistenin' 
A beautiful sight were happy tonight 
Walkin' in the winter wonder (C) land 
Gone away is the blue bird 
Here to (G7) stay is the new bird 
He sings our love song as we go along 
walkin' in the winter wonder (C) land 
(E) In the meadow (B7) we can build (E) snowman 
and pretend (B7) he is parson (E) Brown 
(G) He'll say are you (D7) married 
we'll say no (G) man 
But you can do the (D7) job when you're in (G) town. 
Later (C) on we'll conspire 
as we (G7) dream by the fire 
To face unafraid the plans that we made 
walkin' in a winter wonder (C) land. 
(D7) Walkin' in a (G7) winter wonder (C) land. 


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