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Cruz Keyboard

Christina Aguilera

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by tiagoforget

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Year: 2002 - Album: Stripped

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F    C         Bb 
I'm leaving today 
        F            C            Bb 
I'm leaving it, leaving it to change 
G                 Dm 
Slowly drifting into a peaceful breeze 
C                            Bb 
Tongue tied and twisted are all my memories 
G              Dm 
Celebrating a fantasy come true 
C                                    Bb 
Packing all my bags, finally on the move... 
G                  Dm 
As I'm driving I'm captued by the view 
C                   Bb 
So much beauty, the road becomes my muse 
G                         Dm 
The heat is rising and my hands surfs through the wind 
C                             Bb 
Cool, calm, collected is the child that lies within... 
C      F                    Dm                     G 
  But somehow I miss it, I think I really miss it one day 

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