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You Are The One (razão Da Adoração) Keyboard

Chris Duran

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by tercmoraes

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You Are The One (razão Da Adoração)



G            D/F# 
You're the of David 
Your name is Eloim 
         C/E                     G 
God Emanuel and forever ever reigns 

As long as i shal live 
The world will hear your voice 
Tell about your love 
         D          G 
Pouring mercy over me 

             C D             G 
When i'am alone i think of you 
                C D             G 
early in a morning i think of you 
       D               C/E 
I'll never stop my dancing 
And worship before my king 
     D#                        D 
all that i want is your presence 

                 G           D/F# 
  R   You are the one, adoble one 
  e            Am                 C 
  f   Burning desire within my heart 
  r                G                  D/F#  
  ã   More than emotion, unquenchable love 
  o                         Am 
(2x) Poured out and spread all 
     Over the nation 

e recomeça em G 

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