Charlie Burg


Charlie Burg

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	  		verse 1 
Abmaj7            Cm7                          Bbm7    Eb7 
Told her I don't mind it if she goes or if she stays 
  Abmaj7         Cm7                         Bbm7             Dbm 
I guess it all depends on her intentions to treat me that way 
Abmaj7         Cm7                             Bbm7              Eb7 
Starting conversations 'bout the details of the art in her room 
Ab              Cm7 
What if I'm the one and you pass me up? 
Bbm7             Eb 
What if I'm the one you've been thinking of? 

Abmaj7   Cm7         Bbm7 
Oh, time again I pretend 
I don't feel a thing the way I felt before 
  Abmaj7   Cm7         Bbm7 
Oh, I just don't remember when 
She belonged to me as I belonged to her 

verse 2 
Abmaj7                                 Bbm7 
Baby I don't know if I'd be better living on my own 
Abmaj7                                                Bbm7      Db 
I've been blaming Father Time for keeping both of us away from home 
Abmaj7                                     Cm7 Bbm7 
Tiny little notes and pictures of you hanging on my wall 
Abmaj7                               Bbm7 
I could sit and stare at them til they fall 
 Abmaj7                         Cm7 Bbm7 
Waiting for some time to give you a call 

Abmaj7      Cm7      Bbm7 
Whoa, time again I pretend 
I will see your face when I open my eyes 
Abmaj7  Cm7                   Bbm7 
Whoa, I just don't remember when 
I just don't remember when 

Fm7               Cm7 
   Where are your shoes? 
Still on the floor 
               Ebm7                    Fm7 
You love your Fruit Loops, but there is no more 
             Cm7              Ebm7 
Holes in my days, no where to be 
             Dbmaj7                         Dbm 
We could be alone but girl imagine if you stayed with me 

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