Charley Pride

Shutters And Boards

Charley Pride


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Shutters And Boards

(G) Shutters and boards(C) Cover the windows 
 (D) Of the house where we used to live. 
(G) All I have left is a (C) heart full of sorrow 
(D) Since she said, she'd never (G) forgive 
1st verse 
The house that we built, was (C) once filled with laughter 
But (D) I turned that laughter to (G) tears 
Now i live in a (C) world without sunshine, 
(D) Oh how I wish you were here 
2nd verse 
Last night I dreamed that you came to our house 
And took a book from the shelf 
If you open the shutters ill tear down the boards 
And pull every nail by myself 
(chorus) 2x 


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