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Catfish And The Bottlemen

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by alyslima

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*single strum) 

INTRO Em   D   C   Am 

Eyes rolled back guess we were living fast 
Where did you go, yeah where did you go? 
                 Am    Em 
Your eyes go to show, that it was so rare to see you sober 
                D                       C 
And so the streetlights would carry us home 

And I spent my nights trying to get a grip of you 
D                                             C 
And I did my best to get my hands under your jacket 
           D         Am 
So we could make a racket 
But your divine ribs would help break mine 
             C              Am        D 
We hit the ground so let's hit the ground 
             Em * D * C * G *    C 
(She said) nothing's alright, believe me 
          D *   C *  G *        D *    C 
I said I won't feel the same in the mornin' 
            Em * D * C * G *          G 
(She said) nothing's alright, we're leavin 
       D *   C *     G *     D *     G 
And I won't feel the same in the mornin' 


Em  D    G    C    Am 
Tyrants help build us 
Em          D      G         C 
They won't mind throwin us away 


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