Carrie Hope Fletcher

Together Keyboard

Carrie Hope Fletcher

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by hebealmeida

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  		Em     G 
Going strong 
Holding on to  
Am Em  
Tomorrow`s gonna be a better day? 
When it comes,  
there`s no sun  
Am Em 
just another slightly different shade of grey  
Though we are hurt and  
we are bruised,  
Am Em 
we won`t give up this fight we`re in with you  
so beat us down  
and break our bones  
Am Em Am D Em Am D 
we know we`re not alone  
Em C Em  
Raise your voices to the sky and  
C G 
hold your heads up high  
D Em D 
we meant it when we said forever,  
Em C Em  
Raise your hearts up to the sun watch  
C G 
thousands become one lets 
D Em D 
finish this the way we`ve begun  
Em C G D 

Take a leaf from my book your  
never gonna get a second look  
unless you scream unless you shout  
and sing until your voice is giving out  
take a stand i`m a right behind you  
and i`m never gonna let you fall  
take my hand I`ll always find you  
I`ll be here through it all  

Em C Together`s where we started G D we`ll be fine if we`re not parted, Em C don`t give up and don`t give in Am D don`t you stop we`ve got a fight to win

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