Carl Smith

Mister Moon

Carl Smith

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Mister Moon

	  		verse 1 
          C                         G 
Can I de- pend on your light pur-ty moon 
G7                                   C 
While I'm hold-in' her tight sil-ver moon 
G7       C                        F 
Will you be there a-bove help-in' me with my love 
          G7                         G 
Can I de- pend on your light mis-ter moon 
F           C7     F                    C 
Ev-'ry time you're shin-in' there's ro- mance in the air 
       F             C7     F      C                G7 
Please set her heart a-pin- in' an tell her I'll be there 
     C                          C 
As I look in her eye's, pur-ty moon 
Will you look from the sky, sil-ver moon 
   G7    C                     F 
If I ask her to be mine, will you stand by me 
         G7                         C 
Will you help me to-night, mis-ter moon 

verse 2 
         C                     G 
If we're wed in the mid-dle of june 
Will you shine bright for our hon-ey moon 
G7       C              C7                F 
When you shine you make love seem to come a-bove 
       G7                         G 
Will I see you to-night, mis-ter moon 
F                C7  F            C 
Seems your gold- en' beau-ty just makes the per-fect night 
      F            C7 F            C              G7 
Some- how it seems my cut-ie looks cut-er by your light 
            C                     G7 
There'll be just us three, pur-ty moon 
You and her, her and me, sil-ver moon 
For help-ing our ro-mance, I thank you in ad-vance 
         G7                        C 
an' I'll see you to-night, mis-ter moon 

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