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Sweet Georgia Brown Keyboard

Brother Bones

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by bricoak

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Sweet Georgia Brown

  		G7   F#7  F7  One strum each, bom bom bom, then into E7 
No gal made has got the shade on sweet Georgia Brown. 
Two left feet but oh so neat, has sweet Georgia Brown. 
They all sigh and wanna die for sweet Georgia Brown. 
                       G    D7                       G     G    F#    F                                                            
I'll tell you just why, you know I don't lie. 
It's been said  that she knocks them dead when she lands in town 
Since she came why it's a shame how she cools them down. 
Em      B7                       Em    B7   
Fellers she can't get are fellers she aint met. 
 G                              E7                            A7       D7          G      D7  G   
Georgia claimed her, Georgia named her, Sweet Georgia Brown. 

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