Brooke Robertson

Have My Heart

Brooke Robertson

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by  LDDU4

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Have My Heart

verse 1 

       G          Am             C D 
Wide awake at midnight 

                 G         Am             C D 
I can't sleep I gotta figure out 

                      G               Am              C D 
Trying to make the most of right now 

             G          Am               C           D 
But I'm over my head, so I trust you instead 

G Am C D Your arms are holdin me tight they won't let go G Am C D And my heartbeat is a token of your love for me G Am C D I'll never sing of your love perfectly G Am C D You Have my Heart and you have the whole thing
G Am C D (X2) verse 2 G Am C D Caught up in the motions G Am C D I can think I'm losing my mind G Am C D Over answers I could never find G Am C D So I'll give it to you, cause you know what to do Bridge Em C You are my hope G You are my peace F# You are my strength when I am weak Em C You stay the same G Forever unchanged F# C I am captured by your love

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