Bonnie Tyler

Believe In Me Keyboard

Bonnie Tyler

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by tarikike

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Believe In Me


G                            D            Em      C  
You say you dont believe in signs from up above 
G                          D             Em          C 
And you laugh at the thought of putting your faith in stuff like love 
G                         D             Em           C  
You never see the rainbow, you just curse the rain, you say 
G                           D            Em       C  
You wanna believe but its just not worth the pain today 

C                           D            Em 
But thats all fine if thats how you want it to be 
C                               D            Em 
But if youre feeling alone and afraid and you cant breathe 

G        D     Em 
Believe in me, yeah 
G        D     Em 
Believe in me, yeah 
G                                D  
Believe in the way I look at you and stand beside you 
Em                       C 
The way I speak the truth, Id never lie to you 
G                      D                      Em 
If youd just believe in the things that your eyes cant see 
Believe in me 

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