Bon Jovi

Maybe Tomorrow

Bon Jovi

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Maybe Tomorrow

	  		G                     D                
Seems like years since I've been home 
C                        Em      D 
Living this dream on the endless roads 
G                      D 
Faces in the crowd They stare at me 
C                      Em         D 
Yours is the only one I wanted to see 
C                    D 
My heart cries out for sympathy 
C     D                Em   
But I need to hold you next to me 
C               D    Em-D 
And it won't be long baby... 
        G      D   C  Em D 
Maybe tomorrow 
G                       D     
These hotel rooms they're all the same 
C                       Em         D      
Only the number on the door will be changed 
G                  D        
Lord I gotta do me one more show 
C                           Em     D 
Then it's into the bus and off we go 
Should have talked to you 
Well I don't have to try 
C       D                Em 
When I find the music in your eyes 
C                 D               Em       C     
An I'm telling myself that we'll take that ride, 
Em D 
         G      D   C Em D 
Maybe tomorrow 
I should've talked to you 
Well I don't go to try 
C             D          Em 
Where I can find the music in you eyes 
C               D              Em    D 
We're all blind, two lovers into the night 
        G       D    C  Em D 
Maybe tomorrow 
        G       D    C  Em D 
Maybe tomorrow 
   G       D    C  Em D 
   G       D    C  Em D 
   G       D    C  Em D 
Maybe tomorrow 
Contribuição: Rafael Rolim([email protected]) 


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