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New Age Keyboard


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by andrsouza

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New Age

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Intro:   D Riff  A Riff   D riff   Riff 

D riff 
When I hear.... the sound of concrete and steel, I sense a rhythm, that science can't feel 
A riff 
I feel the beat.... of our hearts as one, I hold your colour, when my vision is gone 
D riff 
This power is something but the force is blind, transmitted through a network, of your own kind 
A riff 
As minutes tick away.... and days become years, I know this old feeling, it's a substance in my tears 

G A D G And the kids on the street, And the kids everywhere G A D (stop) And all I gotta say is the kids don't care
BREAK: D Riff x2 Verse: When i hear................... I sense a rhythm............... I feel the beat............... I hold your colour............ When you've got me running, and you stop my machine You try to tell me something, that has never been When you stop me running, with my own pack You know you've got me, swearing that I'll get my own back Chorus: Solo: e|-----------------------------------------| B|-3-0-3-5-2-5-3-0-3-5-3-0-3-5-2-5-3-0-3-5-| G|-----------------------------------------| BREAK: D Riff x2 REPEAT verse 1 Chorus

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