Blackmore's Night

Barbara Allen Keyboard

Blackmore's Night

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jessgomes

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Barbara Allen

Twas in the merry month of May 
              Am           G 
When green buds all were swelling 
       Dm                C 
Sweet William on his death bed lay 
              G       C 
For love of Barbara Allen 
He sent his servant to the town 
              Am            G 
To the place where she was dwelling 
        Dm                 C 
Saying you must come to my master dear 
        G                 C 
If your name be Barbara Allen 

So slowly slowly she got up 
      Am               G 
And slowly she drew nigh him 
          Dm             C 
And the only words to him did say 
       G              C 
Young man I think you're dying 

As she walked slowly o'er the field 
              Am           G 
She heard the death bells knelling 
          Dm               C 
And with every stroke it seemed to say 
      G              C 
Hard hearted Barbara Allen 

Oh mother, oh mother make by bed 
          Am        G 
Make it long and narrow 
              Dm          C 
Sweet William died for me today 
           G               C 
And I will die for him tomorrow 

(And then I decided to make some changes here...) 

C  Am  G  Dm  C  A7- D 

They buried her in the old churchyard 
            Bm     A 
They buried him beside her 
     Em                     D 
And from his grave grew a red red rose 
              A             D 
And from her grave a green briar 
They grew and grew to the steeple top 
                 Bm      A 
Till they could grow no higher 
      Em               D 
And there they tied a true love's knot 
      A              D 
Red rose around green briar 

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