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There Is No Striving

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There Is No Striving

	  		Intro:  Em  C   G 

Verso 1: 
               Em     C   G 
There is no striving 
               Em             C   G 
There is no striving in Your love 
                 Em    C     G 
Freely You have given 
                 Em       C   G 
Freely You have giv-en to us 

Em   C   G 
(Repeat Verso 1 once) 

Verso 2: 
                  Em   C   G 
You have made us Yours 
                     Em           C   G 
You have called us daughters and sons 
                 Em   C   G 
This is who You are 
                   Em       C   D 
This is what Your love has done 

Am G/B C You have given everything my heart could ever need Am G/B C And all You ask is I believe Am G/B C So I am resting safe inside your promise to provide Am G/B D And nothing could ever change Your love Em C G Your love for me Your love for me Em C G (Repeat Instrumental 4x)
Bridge: C G Em C G D C G Em You never ask that I earn Your affection C G D I could never earn something thatâ??s free C G Em I never have to fight for Your attention C G D Because Your eyes are ever upon me

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