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Wandering Alone Keyboard

Belle and Sebastian

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by mar%2Dgobbo

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Wandering Alone

  		Intro 2x: E  B7 

E                       B7 
Wandering alone on the ridge of the coast 
E                         B7 
Lost to the world he had known as a boy 
E            A          B7           E       B7 
He knows his lover lies south in the city 
E                    B7 
Passing along and as sleepy as night 
E                         B7 
Warm in the woods that conceal him from light 
E        A          B7          E        E7 
He is accustomed to hiding from people 

Taking his time as he crosse the bridge 

Holding the flowers he picked from the ridge 
Dm                    D7M      Bm        B7 
Walking in shadows to his senorita 

E                   B7 
Safe in the dawn he gest under the sheets 
E               B7 
His senorita a heavenly sweet 
E              A            B7         E          E7 
Soul that was put there to save and protect him 

( E  B7  E  B7  E  A  B7  E ) (2x) 

( E7 ) 

He knows that time can not endlessly go 

Traps will be set by the people below 
Dm                     D7M              Bm         B7 
She will be caught too and he could not bear it 

E                       B7 
Hope in the freedom he can almost touch 
E                              B7 
Folk take for granted as they walk to church 
E           A           B7          E         B7 
He says his prayers and god listens to him 

E                    B7 
Sir all i want is a chance to amend 
E                  B7 
Past infidelities please do not send 
E      A            B7 
Me far away from my wise 
E      A            B7 
Me far away from my wise 
E      A            B7 
Me far away from my wise 
     E     B7 
     E     B7 
         E     B7      E 
Ohh senorita 

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