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Bad Religion

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by vivi%5Fdocinho

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The Answer

Year: 1992 - Album: Generator

  		  Em  C  A  C  D  Em    
Em              D                    C                 B 
Long ago, in a dusty village full of hunger, pain and strife,  
Em                      D                     C  
A man came forth with a vision of truth and a way to a better  
A      D 
Em                          G              C   
He was convinced he had the answer and he compelled people to  
follow along. 
         B                             C         A 
But the hunger never vanished, and the man was banished, and  
     C         D           E           
the village dried up and died. 
Em              D                       C                 
At a time when wise men peered through glass tubes toward the  
Em                         D                 C 
The Heavens changed in predictable ways and one man was able  
     A     D 
to find, 
Em                                  G                 C             
That he had thought he'd found the answer and he was quick to  
write his revelations. 
        B                             C          A        C 
But as they were scrutinised in his colleagues eyes, he soon  
          D       Em                
became a mockery. 
Em                       G                   C 
Don't tell me about the answer 'cause then another one will  
come along soon. 
Em                            G       C               B 
I don't believe you have the answer, I've got ideas too. 
               C                   A      
But if you've got enough naiveté, and you've got conviction, 
           C            D           Em 
Then 'The Answer' is perfect for you. 
Em                      D                         C 
An urban sprawl sits, choking on it's discharge, overwhelmed  
by industry, 
Em                          D 
Searching for a modern day saviour from another place,  
C                      A   D 
inclined toward charity 
Em                       G               C               D 
Everyone begging for an answer without regard to validity, 
      B                                             C                A                 C 
The searching never ends, it goes on and on and on for  
  D     Em        
Em     G     C     D  (2x) 
      C           D         Em 
The answer is perfect for youuuuuuuuuu! 


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