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I Climb The Mountain Keyboard

Audio Adrenaline

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tercmoraes

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I Climb The Mountain


Intro: Bm   A   Em   G  Bm  A 

Why try and keep you a secret 
Why be blinded by the night 
Em                               G   
There are 7 billion people but it?s a lonely world 
Why wouldn?t I let you see the light  

(verse 2) (Same as verse 1) 

Why would I hide you in the shadows, 
When this flame is dying for a hill 
Say what they want about the straight and narrow 
But it?s the bends and curves that kill 


Em                        G                       D                                       
 Cause it only takes a spark to set the heart on fire 

A Em I climb the mountain and I?ll hold the light until G We are a city on a hill, city on a hill A Em We?ll walk together and we won?t let go until G We are a city on a hill, city on a hill
(Repeat Chorus pattern for Ohs) (verse 3) (Same as verse 1 and 2) Bm Why am I so scared of conversations, A am I so sure I?ll turn you off Em Maybe if you knew the whole story, G you?d understand it all (Solo) (Sorry no tabs yet) (Same pattern as Chorus except Palm Muted) A Em G Cause Truth has a way of breaking through

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