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As Tall As Lions

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by abelamin

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Guitar 1: Acoustic Capotraste 1st Fret  
Guitar 2: Electric; slight delay and Chorus for dreamy effect  

Key of Ab Major/Fm  or  

Guitar 1 (Chords/Notes Relative to Capo)  
Uses simple chords but throws in a Db(3rd fret) like this  

B|-0--00--00--000-- 00--00000000------------|  
A|-22--33--223--2 2--2--22222222------------|  
E|-33--33--33--3--3 0--000000000------------|  
    G                                         {  Em  

Vocals (0:26)  

Tonight, pretend you're an acrobat  
G                                        Em    
And you're being thrown on top of the world  
G                                        Em    
Do you still wish you were beautiful?  
G                                       Em    
Cause you will will always be beautiful  
G                                           Em    

Tonight pretend you're a cigarette  
And you're being smoked by a picturesque girl  
do you still with you were beautiful  
cause you will, will always be beautiful  

you will, will always be beautiful  
C                                  Em    
you will, will always be beautiful  
C                                  Em    
will always be beautiful  will always be beautiful  
C                                   Em    
will always be beautiful  will always be beautiful  
C                                   Em    

Tabbed by Slimebee 

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