Aline Barros

Use My Life

Aline Barros

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Use My Life


Verse 1:

B F# Search in all my heart G#m F# Oh Lord almighty E B Let it be broken C#m For You B F# According to Your word G#m F# Transform and change me


E F# And with the Spirit fill my life D#m G#m Until it overflows G#m Then Lord F# E Use my life for You F# Use my life
B F# Just like a lighthouse in the darkness G#m F# Like a bridge over the waters E B Like a shelter in the desert E F# Like an arrow that has hit the target B F# G#m Lord I want to please You every time G#m7 That I am serving You and E B Where you want to se__nd me God E F# Here I am, oh Lord send me G#m And use my life, for You E F# Use my life
Parte Final B F# Search my heart G#m F# Break my heart E Transform my life C#m Fill my life B F# Search my heart G#m F# Break my heart E Transform my life C#m Fill my life E F# B And use it all for You E F# B Yeah, use my life for You

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