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You're Only In Love Keyboard

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by peter

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You're Only In Love

(Graham Russell)

  		Intro: F x 2 
F              C/E 
I remember an evening so long 
Eb                   Bb 
How your innocence sang 
F                           C/E 
And the notes made me shiver inside 
Eb                   Bb 
Like your honesty can 
Am               Dm             Gm                   (C - C/Bb) 
You asked me to please explain some things that seemed new 
Am                Dm           Bm7/b5       E x 2 
What was it that felt like pain, and cuts in two 
A A7M F#m A/C# You're only in love, only in love D E/D Bm (D/E - E) x 2 Where life is new and dreams come true
A A7M F#m A/C# You're only in love, only in love D E/D Bm (D/E - E) A x 2 To rise and fall and wait as we learn from it all F C/E When conscience pulls you away Eb Bb And your destiny calls F C/E Just follow your heart all the way, Eb Bb You'll never need more Am Dm Gm (C - C/Bb) More than the burning light when evening must die Am Dm Bm7/b5 E x 2 You'll never forget this night, or wonder why (Repeat Chorus) Em (F#sus4 - F#) Bm (Esus4 - E/B) You thought that everything was just a lie Em (F#sus4 - F#) D/A Bm Dm (D/E - E/B) (D/E-E-D/E-E) Now, after so much time, don't let this secret pass you by (Repeat Chorus) Kenji Yanase

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