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Seasons of Wither Keyboard


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by 7m6a5r

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Seasons of Wither

Year: 1993 - Album: Get Your Wings

  		Intro Chords  G A Bb C 3x 
              G A   
              D D D C Bb F 4x 
              D F Fm G  

D             F     Fm         G 
Blues hearted lady, Sleepy was she 
D             F     Fm         G                  
Love for the devil, Brought her to me 
D             F     Fm         G               
Seas of a thousand, Drawn to her sin 
D             F     Fm       G 
Seasons of wither, Holdin me in 

    C      Bm            Em        F   G 
Oh, woe is me, I feel so badly for you 
    C      Bm            Em        F      G 
Oh, woe is me, I feel so sadly for you in time 
Time to lose your mind 
Live on borrowed time 
Bb                  C           D                       
Take the wind right out of your sails  

D D D C Bb F 

D                      C  Bb  F 
Fireflies dance in the heat of 
D                C     Bb    F      
Hound dogs that bay at the moon 
D                      C  Bb  F 
My ship leaves in the midnight 
D                 C    Bb  F 
Can't say I'll be back too soon 

repeat verse & Chorus chords 

End chords 
G A Bb C x9 D 

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