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Jerusalem Harmonica Tab

Steve Earle

Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by KeyboardDP

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Key:  D
  		 ''Full Bend  
>>Hold Note  
\ Slide To Note  


5,5,5, -5,5,\6, -5,5,\6, -5,5  -56''>>,56,  



5,-5,5,6,-5,5,-5''>>, -5,5,-5,5,/6, -5,5,-5,5,  

-56''>>,56,-56''>>  5,5,5,-5,5,/6, -5,5,-5,5,/6  

-5,-56''>>,56 ,-56''>>,56,-56,56   

This is pretty much an outline of the song but i am  
pretty it is right.  


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