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My sweet little angel Harmonica Tab

B.B. King

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Tumaian

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My sweet little angel

D|----------------------------13-12------------------------------------------------------14------------------------------------- ------------| 
                         i am not sure of this part 
Tablaturisada por: Rodrigo TumaiŠn 
ther are so many symbols that I didn't put it, because I don't know them (the hammer is ok and ^ this too, but I shuld have put it more) 
you shuld hear the song and try to give the same feeiling 
please!! send me the mistake if you find it 
b.b. king song are easy to play but it's hard to play with the hart, like he do 
e-mail, [email protected] 
plaese write in the subject b.b king's tab 
por favoro escribir en el asunto tablatura de b.b king 
^ - estirar 
h - Hammer 


there isn't a video lesson for this song

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