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Radio Ga Ga Drum Tab


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by lissa+simpson

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Radio Ga Ga

Year: 1984 - Album: Works


Key:  F
HH High hats  
SD Snare drum  
BD Bass drum  
> accent  
/ rest  
c open high hat  
Remember, most of Roger's  
snare hits are done with a partially open high hat on the down snare beats closing in 
time for the next high hat hit!  
               > >              >                   >                  >   
HH         x  x  x  x        x  x  x  x        x  x  x  x        x  x  x  x 
SD   4                          o                                       o  
Bd   4     o  o                                   o   
              >                   >                 >                  >     c  c 
HH         x  x  x  x        x  x  x  x       x  x  x  x        x  x  x  x   
SD                               o                                      o 
BD         o                                       o                    
This again very basic. This is a basic alternating sixteenth note groove with  
two open high hats on the last two beats. 

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