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If I Could Be Her Chords

Zz Ward

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by victborges

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If I Could Be Her

Intro: C Ab Bb C F Eb (2x) 

verse 1: 
C         Ab   Bb           C   F Eb 
She's got Chanel up on her lips 
C         Ab   Bb           C   F Eb 
A four inch skirt down on her hips 
          C              Ab   Bb           C   F Eb 
And all I got is just a couple pair of jeans 
C         Ab   Bb           C            F Eb 
She's so hot, and she's the only thing you see 
C           Ab                Eb           Bb 
If I had her heels on I would never do you wrong 
C                     Ab 
She treats you like a patient 
With the lies she's got you on 
Turn the lights off 
Cause I'm all yours 
Cover you in my curves 
I'd give ya what you deserve 
We could get lost 
Get the lines crossed 
Run ya like a fever 
Woah if I could be her 
C             Eb 
Woah woah oh 
Ab         G7 
I'd keep you forever 
verse 2: 
C             Ab      Bb      C     F    Eb 
She's got the perfect little car 
C         Ab         Bb        C    F    Eb 
I drive a Chevy with the paint peeling off 
C             Ab      Bb     C      F    Eb 
She's got her daddy's credit card 
C          Ab      Bb      C       F    Eb 
I play for dollars down on Diamond Boulevard 


F                         Cm            Bb 
If I was her, I'd be your silver lining after the storm 
F                         Cm            Bb 
Cause I can't stand seeing you crying no more 



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