The Party Rages On


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The Party Rages On


Intro: F C Dm Bb C 

F                 C                   Dm          F                 
Before and on the day that we met I wasn't prepared for you yet 

Bb          F                   
but you had complete mastery 
C        Bb 
I gave up, I surrendered 

F                 C                   Dm          F          
The night before the day that I knew that there was no more me and you 

Bb                         F        
I cornered you and asked you to just  

Am             Eb      Bb 
Sit your ass, sit your ass down. 

Dm     F    Bb    F   Bb                               F 
So sorry, I swear, .......that parties rage on without you there 

               C                    Dm         F    
the times that brought us up are as square as pick almost anywhere  
       Bb               F 
Why do you wanna go back there? 

C         Bb 
Give up and surrender 

F                 C                Dm          F        
The Sunday paper's all shout your name but you say you're still the same 

Bb                     F 
still the cold-blooded bastard that just  

Am            Eb          Bb 
kick your ass kicked your ass down 

Dm     F       Bb    F   Bb                               F 
You're sorry, you swear that parties rage on without you there. 


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