Zita Swoon

Giving Up The Hero

Zita Swoon

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Giving Up The Hero

verse 1 
F                  Gm                  F             Gm 
I'm giving up my trespass, I think I'll sit upon my roof 
F                              Gm 
I think that's high enough for me to crawl 
                      F              Gm 
I think I don't need any proof 

C Gm Dm C I''m giving up the hero, I think I'll hang around Dm C Dm C In this same old town, I'll put my money down
verse 2 F C F And I, I was in a movie, I was on the run F C F I been in everybody's shoes, I had my fun F Gm Am I'm getting of your turnpike, I think I need relief Gm The dirttrack that I trust in, Is good enough for me Bridge Gm / F#m Outro F / C

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