Zee Avi

The Story

Zee Avi

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The Story

Written by Zee Avi

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: Fmaj7 

C  G  F   C 

C  G           F 
Broken dreams broken dreams 
       C                  C  G  F  C 
hoping someday you'll see me 
C      G            F 
Sky is grey sky is grey 
       C                  C  G  F  C 
but I'm dancing in the rain 
C         G              F 
Live this way live this way 
          C              C  G  F  C 
will you remember my name 
C      G           F 
Live a lie live a lie 
              C              C  G  F  C 
why don't you ask yourself why 

Don't you open your eyes 

C        G              F 
Only the moon only the moon 
         C                  C  G  F  C 
only the moon will hear my plea 
C        G               F 
Only the creatures of the night 
               C    C  G  F  C 
will harmonize with me 
C          G              F 
Missed you so missed you so 
               C         C  G  F  C 
and I wondered if you know 
C            G               F 
The wind has blown me in the corner 
         C           C  G  F  C 
and it's hard to let go 

That's the story 
                            C G  F  C (rpt till end) 
that's the story of you and me 

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