Zakk Wylde

Way Beyond Empty

Zakk Wylde

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Way Beyond Empty

Riff A 
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D G -3--2--0--2------------------------------------ -3--3--3--3------------------------------------ -2--2--2--2--------------0-------------------- -------------------------0---------------0-2--- ----------------------2-------------0-2-------- ---------------0--3----------3-----------------
INTRO: Riff A 2x's w/ Riff A If I could I surely would Child ease your pain But if I could no longer Would you still know my name? D A G If I couldn't drink the tears That pour from these eyes D A Would you turn your back on me G Would you wave good bye
Or leave me, D A G Way beyond empty inside Awaiting my last day to arrive Way beyond empty inside Awaiting my end to arrive
w/ Riff A If I couldn't be the shoulder Which your head would rest upon would you still be waiting Or would you be gone? D A G If I couldn't keep the smile Forever on your face D A Would I still be around G Or would I be replaced? CHORUS
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Riff B (sounds close enough to me) ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- --4--6--3-----4--6--3--1--0-- --5--7--4-----5--7--4--2--0-- --0--0--0-----0--0--0--0------ w/ Riff B Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Solo e|---------------------------------------| B|----------------10---------------------| G|-----7-9-11--9-----9b-7----------------| D|-7-9-----------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------| e|------------------------------------------| B|------------8-------8-10-12---------------| G|-----7-9-11---11-11----------9b-7---------| D|-7-9-------------------------------7/9----| A|------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------| B|-11/8-8/6-6h5--------------------------| G|---------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------| B|-12/9-9/8-8h7--8-10-12-12--------------| G|--------------------------9b-7---------| D|---------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------|
Riff A 2x's w/ Riff A Would you promise me That things would never change Could you promise me That things they'd stay the same D A G If I couldn't clear the clouds from over your head D A Would you keep your word tom me G Amongst all the things you said? Oooo Oooo Free time a it fades out _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Diogo Ferreira Ayub([email protected])

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