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Between Heaven and Hell Chords

Zakk Wylde

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by lawton3

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Between Heaven and Hell

	  G         Em            F 
Dying to live, living to die 
G         Em 
ain't no hellos here 
nothing but goodbye 
G         Em 
its like singing a song 
that cannot be sung 
G                 Em 
its like having to end child 
whats yet to have begun 

G Em hey, hey, hey, hey, now G Where I am at times Em I just can't tell G Em hey, hey, hey, hey, now F I'm lost somewhere G between heaven and hell
verse2 (Same chords as one) all that you know and all that you knew in the end child, tell me whats it all mean to you? dont forget just who and where you are you can spread your wings son but dont you spread yourself too far Chorus

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