Zac Hicks

Gospel Doxology

Zac Hicks

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Gospel Doxology

Verse: 1 
Dm7    C/D     Bbmaj7/D 
Your perfect law exposes me 
 Dm7   Bbsus2    Csus C 
I feel my sin and desperate need 
 Dm7   Bbsus2     Gm7 
My best good works are powerless 
 Dm7      Bb2     Ebmaj9 
To satisfy Your righteousness 

Verse: 2 
But there is One who lived for me 
 Csus        Dsus      D 
His life, my only victo- ry 
 Em7       Em7/D     Csus2 
His death forever sealed in time 
 Dsus          G 
That I am His and He is mine 

Verse: 3 
Esus         A       E/A      A 
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow 
A/C#       D    A  Esus    E 
Praise Him all creatures here be- low 
 A      D           E     A 
Praise Him above ye heavenly host 
A        D           Esus    A 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 

Bm7   Esus A 
A- - men 

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