Young The Giant


Young The Giant

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Capo on 5th fret

Five days 
Near your island 
Off the coast 
I know 
Five ways 
You were my lover 
Of the tide 
In rhyme 

Bb                  Am                   F 
Oh, out in the glow I'll find you waiting 
Bb                   Am               Gm 
Oh, has it been so long now, I 
Bb                       Am                   F 
Oh, I thought you knew that I'd be coming 
Bb	                  Dm                       Gm 
The way you move, a foreign groove, at night 
Gm      Am7  Am 
I could never  
Gm      Am7    Am 
I could never hold you 

Bb                        		        Am 
Watch it rise and where you hide your pearl 
Bb				        Am      Am7   Am 
Feel the tide low where you cast those stones you wear 
Am                 Gm                 F			Gm 
When no one's home, do they feel cold on your bones 
Gm                                       F 
All the years I've missed your warmth, 
Gm                          F 
Have you missed my warmth? 
Bb         F 
On your island 

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