Young Oceans

Great Is Our God

Young Oceans

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Great Is Our God

Capo on 5th fret


INTRO Dm   -  G 

verse 1 
Come let us praise Him 
Let us kneel at the throne of our God 
Through His Son our salvation was bought 
With mercy and grace.  
Come let us bow down 
In His hands are the depths of the earth 
With one voice we proclaim His great worth 
Am          G 
Lord our God                         

Dm And we will seek Him F Our Rock of Salvation C Morning by morning G With Thanksgiving we come Dm And we will bow down F With creation we cry out C In daylight and darkness G We sing to the Lord
Dm Great is our God G Great is our God Dm - F - C Great is our God verse 2 Lord of all nations We will stand at the end of our days In your courts and declare your great ways In Spirit and Truth We long for your kingdom Bring your thunder and gather the earth All who tremble will tell of Your worth Lord our God Chorus Dm G (3x) Great is Our God, Great is Our God Dm - F - C Great is Our God

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chords Young Oceans - Great Is Our God
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