Young and Free Hillsong


Young and Free Hillsong

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	  		| C#m E/G# A | A | A C#m B | B | (repeat) 

verse 1 
C#m	E/G#	A 
I was lost with a broken heart 
A	C#m	B 
You picked me up now I set apart 
C#m	E/G#	A 
From the ash I am born again 
A	C#m	B 
Forever safe in the Saviour hands 

verse 2 
You are more than my words could say  
I follow You Lord for all my days  
Fix my eyes follow in Your ways  
Forever free in unending grace 

C#m	E/G#	A 
 You are You are You are my freedom 
A	C#m	B 
We lift You higher lift You higher 
C#m	E/G#	A 
Your love Your love Your love never ending 
A  C#m  B 
Oh oh	oh 

C#m E/G# A You are alive in us A C#m B Nothing can take Your place C#m E/G# A You are all we need A C#m B Your love has set us free
verse 3 In the midst of the darkest night Let Your love be the shining light Breaking chains that were holding me You sent Your Son down and set me free verse 4 Everything of this world will fade I pressing on till I see Your face I will live that Your will be done I won stop till Your kingdom come

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