Worth Dying For


Worth Dying For

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by  FER_G12_89

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	  		Intro: B  C#m  G#m7  E9 

verse 1: 
E9     F# 
Here I am 
Come take my world apart 
E9         F#  
I'm broken now 
Just leave me to your heart 
E9           G#m7 
Take me as I am 
E9               F# 
Take these empty hands 

E9 G#m7 Glorify, Glorify B F# The risen Son of God E9 G#m7 Glorify, Glorify B F# B C#m G#m7 E9 Our Savior Jesus Christ
verse 2: E9 F# Let me be G#m7 A reflection of Your life E9 F# Sing through me G#m7 A song to lift You high E9 G#m7 In this world I'll stand E9 F# Raising holy hands to
E9 G#m7 Glorify, Glorify B F# The risen Son of God E9 G#m7 Glorify, Glorify B F# Our Savior Jesus Christ
Bridge: B Every knee will bow C#m G#m7 Let me be the first E9 To fall before You now (4x) (Chorus)

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