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Red River Valley Chords

Woody Guthrie

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by andrsouza

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Red River Valley


Then come sit by my side if you love me, 
do not hasten to bid me adieu. 
              D                 D7             G 
Just remember that Red River Valley, 
               A                 A7                 D 
and the cowboy that loved you so true. 

    Well, they tell me, my dear, that you’re going, 
    I will miss your bright eyes and your smile, 
                  D                D7              G 
    for with you, you are taking the sunshine, 
                     A                  A7             D 
    that has brightened my life for a while. 

    When  you go to your home by the ocean, 
    may you never forget those sweet hourss, 
                    D                 D7            G 
    that we spent in that Red River Valley, 
                  A                 A7                      D 
    and the love we exchanged 'neath the flowers. 

    I have waited a long time, my darling, 
    for those words that you never would say. 
                D                 D7                   G 
    And at last, oh, my poor heart is breaking, 
                  A                    A7        D 
    for they tell me you're going away.  


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