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Hard, Ain't It Hard Chords

Woody Guthrie

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by andrsouza

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Hard, Ain't It Hard

	        C                              F
    First time I seen my true Iove,
    C                                  G
    he was walkin' by my door,
           C                           F
    the last time l saw his false hearted smile,
                    G                           C
    he was dead on his coolin' board.

           C                                     F
It's a-hard and it's hard, ain't it hard,
     C                                           G
to love one that never did love you?
           C                                      F
It's a-hard, and it's hard, ain't it hard, great God,
     G                   G7                 C
to love one that never will be true?

       C                                  F
    There is a house in this town,
      C                                              G
    that's where my true love lays around.
           C                                     F
    He takes other women right down on his knee,
          G                                                  C
    he tells them a little tale he won't tell me.

       C                                 F
    Don't go to drinkin' and gamblin',
              C                                      G
    don't go there your sorrows to drown.
              C                               F
    This hard-liquor place is a low-down disgrace,
          G                                                C
    it's the meanest damn place in this town.

               C                                     F
    It was late last night, when my true love come in,
     C                                                G
    rapped, and knocked upon my door.
    C                         F
    I jumped out in a fit of jealousy,
             G                                               C
    that true love donít knock here any more. 

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