Wooden Wand And The Sky High Band

Sweet Xiao Li Chords

Wooden Wand And The Sky High Band

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by deivcavalcanti

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Sweet Xiao Li

Am                             E                      Am       E 
I try to stay aware of all the shives you gotta share oh lee  
Am                             E                    Am        E 
to fig to be asertive tell his brothers to be aware oh lee 
C                              G 
when they have you over oh lee will match your skin 
C                                  G 
his sister called a bed of nails before you snuggled in 
Am                               G 
sayin no ones gonna double cross jordan 
Am              E           Am      E     
no one will try harder than we. 

Am                                E                   Am          E 
made our fathers spirits and they lifted up the curse oh lee 
Am                                      E                Am        E 
they charmed the prince of darkness the robin in reverse oh lee 
C                                     G 
they met a says some roamers couldn't find themselves a size 
C                                     G 
so we spoke in low in tones under the cloak of high tide 
Am                             G 
Now no ones gonna short change shorty 
Am              E           Am         E 
cuz no one hits harder than me. 

Am                            E                Am        E     
and our skin is tender cuz we get around a bit oh lee 
Am                     E                      Am         E 
we saw the wisdom in a road that didn't split oh lee 
C                                    G 
we're going and keep going if that's what you need to do 
C                                   G 
but I have always wished I could be born again to you 
Am                             G 
now no one kisses sweeter than ginger. 
Am               E            Am        E 
no one loves her more so than me. 

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