Wooden Wand And The Sky High Band

Dead Sue Chords

Wooden Wand And The Sky High Band

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by tamamoreira

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Dead Sue

  		D          G          D 
Sue, don't waste your love 
     G                  D 
Come down from off that truck 
            A         G              D 
It's a shit business, but you're not stuck 
                G    D 
You thought you had enough 
  G                 D 
Detached your ankle cuffs 
    A        G        D 
And bolted beyond the bluffs 
    G                 D 
You found yourself in mud 
           G           A 
before you ever tasted blood 

D - G - D 4x 

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melody: e|---------------------------| B|---------------------------| G|---------------------------| D|-0-----2-4-----------0-----| A|-----------2-----0-2-------| E|---------------------------|
G D Like me you aim to soothe G D But doubt was on the move A G D Its aim was to disprove G D Come from your sewing room G D Your best will birth a boon A G D Did they read your palm too soon? G D And eight days following death G A You'll rise and draw a breath Bridge: D - G - D 4x G D Your parasitism is in peril now G D What an inhospitable host you found A G D And your luck has been ground down G D Soon those you ostracized G D Will strike like bolts between your eyes D A G D You don't convince, why feign surprise G D And when they burn the books G A I hope you still get by on your looks Bridge: D - G - D 4x G D You let your heartaches pass G D They're only built on glass A G D Come see what you've amassed G D The beast like a dragon spake G D Said swallow all you take A G D 'Cause your extinction is home plate G D Look now beyond false friends G A And lie 'neath my awning again Bridge: D - G - D 4x

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